Friday, October 24, 2008


This morning Matthew had a rough time waking up for school. He didn't have time to sit down to breakfast, so I advised him to grab a few Fig Newtons and raw almonds to hold him over until lunch. Nolan helpfully piped in that if Matthew needed to, he could always go to the school nurse and tell her that he had a stomach ache because she would give him crackers to help him feel better. I kind of chuckled at this, and then tucked the memory away without a second thought.

Later on today I get a call from Nolan, who was "sick" in the nurses office for the second day in a row. After getting mixed information from Nolan about whether he needed to come home or not, I decided to talk to the nurse. After we went over things like temperature and so forth, it finally dawned on me what might actually be going on. I then proceeded to tell the nurse what Nolan had said earlier today and she laughed. She then told me that she hadn't tried giving him crackers today, like the day before, but that she would try it again and see if they made him feel "better". LOL !!! (I then gave Nolan crackers after he got back from school too.)


Anonymous said...

LOL! Sounds like you need to fill Nolan up with Ritz crackers. :) That should be his Christmas present and that will cure him of his trips to the nurse's office.

leafhopper said...

that is hilarious.