Saturday, October 25, 2008

Face lift for my blog

Today I decided to be brave and try a couple of new looks for my blog. Normally I'm not very experimental with computer stuff, but I saw several cute sites run by women that shared their own backgrounds for free. They made it sound so simple too. I figured that if these ladies could do it, I could too. So what do you think?

For now this will do, though I'm tempted to learn how to create some of my own backgrounds later on. This particular background I found at
There are also lots of other free backgrounds available at

If you are interested in making your own alterations, just google "free blog backgrounds" and you'll find that there are many other options out there besides those mentioned above. Just make sure that your text colors stand out enough to be seen through your new backgrounds. (I had to change mine, but that was rather simple to do.) Most of these web sites share additional helpful tips like that, in case you wish to make other changes to your site, and even tell you how to do it. In return for their services most sites just ask that you give them proper credit and that you supply their link for others to see. Hope this helps! Happy blogging!

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