Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh, the joys of babysitting!

As many of you know, I watch 3 adorable germ factories in my home, ages 1, 3, and 4. (We all know how kids at that age spread their wealth via slime and uncleanly habits. ) Sometimes I watch a 4Th child (age 8), who incidentally attends a different elementary school than Christina and Nolan, adding to the mix her own brand of bacteria and virus' even when she doesn't come because she is the sister of the other 3 kids. Then you have Matthew, who attends a different school as well, which then multiplies our exposure to even more illness provoking life forms.

Mix in 3 other adults, aside from me, who each have contact with numerous friends, coworkers, church families, service personnel, neighbors, and so on. They, in turn, have their own cesspools going on as well, exponentially magnifying our chances for exposure to what ever sicknesses going around even further. And, if that weren't enough, we had Halloween, when countless numbers of people passed out candy concealing who knows what kind of stowaways, incidentally providing the perfect food source for said trespassers once they settle in with their new hosts.

Ewe! It's no wonder we all have Strep! The fact that this type of Strep tests negative for in-office testing, but then positive for the more stringent lab tests, makes it all the harder to eradicate. Maybe I should just wipe my home down with alcahol and bathe everyone in vinegar!


Trillium said...

On top of that I just read an article that said that women tend to have more bacteria on their hands, and more different kinds of bacteria than anyone else! So, take your vitamin D and pass the Purell! Seriously, washing your hands frequently is absolutely essential.

Sorry you've got strep at your house. Who are the "3 other adults" living at your house?

DebbieLou said...

Well, Dave for one. And, allthough they aren't living here, I was refering to the kids' parents too, who's germs get in the mix.

I have washed my hands until they are chapped, it's not enough, even with loads of lotion. These kids sneeze on you, rub their boogers onto clothes and furnature. (I think you get the picture.) Hand sanitizer dries my hands out even more than soap too. I just need to have them use it too, I guess.

Rebecca said...

we have been pretty lucky in our home... everyone is OCD when it comes to keeping germs at bay.

Victor received his first flu shot yesterday at the doctor's office. He has sugar diabetes and he hadn't been doing what he was supposed to do... taking his prescriptions and hasn't lost enough weight. He was also supposed to have blood work done before his doctor's appointment... and of course, he didn't do that...

So, the doctor said, well, if you aren't going to take care of yourself, I will... and then proceeded to stab him... :)

Victor was not happy. He hates needles.

thopsomp: The sound of Victor falling to the floor after a flu shot

leafhopper said...

Hope you all feel better soon. It is inevitable with little ones to not get sick. Just think of all the antibodies they will build up.