Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just a Few of My Blessings

Though counting my blessings would take far too long, naming a few will do for now. And, since putting them in order of importance requires more time and brain power than I posses at this late hour, I will list the few things that I am grateful for in no particular order save the wanderings of my sleepy mind. So, please do not be offended if you feel jipped, as I most likely am grateful for you more than you realize, and more than I have probably ever expressed.

1. The beauty and miracle of life, whether it be through the lives of loved ones, friends, or of the many creatures and plants that dot the face of this planet. And, not to sound selfish, I am grateful for the opportunity I have to take place in it's miracle.

2. The diversity and intrigue in non-living elements (whether it be of this world or another) and the many great creations that can come of them.

3. The marvelous plan of salvation and all of it's divine components, such as repentance, faith, and the atonement, of which I have been blessed to learn about through the gospel of Christ.

4. For my relationships with all family and friends, including the various ward families in which I have lived.

5. For every experience I have ever had, which have both taught me much and shaped who I am today.

6. For the basic needs with which my family has been bestowed, in addition to an abundance of love and mercy.

7. For a Father in heaven who loves us enough to give us freedom of choice for our own good, despite the pain and sorrow it causes him when we do those things which he has cautioned us against.

8. For the health and strength with which my family and I have been given, for there are many who suffer far worse than we ever have.

9. To live in a country where I am able to receive an education and not be forced to live my life the way another dictates, or in which I am unduly oppressed.

10. To live in a fairly peaceful part of the world.


Trillium said...

Nicely put. I made my own tentative list of blessings, and had a hard time placing them in a top ten order. So, the list is still waiting as I ponder . . .

leafhopper said...

I'm grateful for blogs so we can get to know others better

Rebecca said...

When I was in the Relief Society Presidency with Gwenda Tucker, Melissa (2nd counselor) shared with us her feelings about prayer and how often we should be thanking our Heavenly Father.

Since that time I have pondered on some of the things she shared with us and I have tried to be more grateful for our many blessings.

My daily prayers are prayers of gratitude rather than prayers seeking additional blessings. This keeps me focused on the most important things in this life.