Saturday, January 10, 2009

Helpful weight loss tactic.

With our family's Biggest Looser competition going on, Jenny encouraged me to mention what has worked for me in case it can help others looking to increase their percentage of fat loss. All though I didn't loose the most weight, I fared about average (4lbs.). Considering I am not breaking my back doing anything very strenuous or drastic, that's not too bad.

Normally I would do lots of cardio, as that is what works best for me, but I have a foot injury that doesn't allow me to do that. So my solution has been simple: eat smaller portions and drink plenty of water between meals. (I usually eat more than 3 times a day too.) If I don't feel full, then I just wait 10 or so minutes to make sure. Usually by then the food will have registered with my system and I will finally start to feel satisfied.

I know it's not a lot, but the fact that it is so simple makes me less likely to quit or get tired of my new routine. Beware once my foot heals though, I will squash the competition! :) Happy weigh-in!


Anonymous said...

tttbbhhhhhhhhppppppppppp...Eat Chocolate covered Pistachios! YEAH!!! BAD BAD BAD!

DebbieLou said...

MMMMMmmmm! Sounds devine. You wouldn't be trying to tempt me now, would you?